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Lions Notes: One Preseason Game In The Books

Quarterback Shaun Hill hands the ball off in the first game of the preseason for the Detroit Lions.
Quarterback Shaun Hill hands the ball off in the first game of the preseason for the Detroit Lions.
  • Looking at the Lions' starting lineup from last night, a few things stuck out:

    1) Dan Gronkowski started at tight end along with Tony Scheffler. Will Heller played, but does this indicate that Gronkowski is ahead of him on the depth chart?
    2) Jake Nordin got the start at fullback. Along the same lines as the tight end situation, does this mean he is ahead of Felton at fullback? The Lions have yet to publish a depth chart, so it's tough to say one way or another.
    3) On defense, the two starting safeties were C.C. Brown and Randy Phillips, who really impressed me, especially when you consider he's an undrafted free agent that signed after training camp began.
  • According to's gamebook, Matt Clapp and Dante Wesley didn't play last night. As far as I know, they're the only two players that weren't previously ruled out who didn't see the field. Even Amari Spievey, who had been banged up, got into the game in the second half (and proceeded to get chewed out by Gunther Cunningham after Antonio Brown blew by him for a TD.
  • Pro Football Talk is reporting that it's not certain if Jordon Dizon will be out for the year just yet. Take it with a grain of salt, because I certainly don't go to PFT for injury information. Just ask Louis Delmas about that.
  • Matthew Stafford's final line for the game was this: 8-11, 61 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.
  • 16 different Lions players had catches during the game.
  • Aaron Pettrey missed a 42-yard field goal after originally making it. Problem is the Steelers called timeout right before the snap of the kick he made, and the second time around it was no good.
  • Jared DeVries has been unable to practice due to injuries, but he is serving as a mentor for his fellow defensive lineman.
  • I was really impressed with how many Steelers fans stuck around despite a weather delay of more than an hour. It was only a preseason game, the starters were already out and the weather was terrible, but quite a few fans watched the whole game.