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Live Microphone Picks Up Referee's Issues With Replay During A Rainstorm

Toward the end of the second half of Saturday's game, Dennis Dixon ran for a five-yard touchdown, but the play was close enough that a review was called for by the replay official. Since there were less than two minutes left in the half, it was the replay official's call rather than it being up to Jim Schwartz, and the replay official wanted referee Jeff Triplette to take another look at it.

Although the play was in question enough to be reviewed and was actually later overturned, one of the referees was none too happy with having the half prolonged by a replay. That is because the weather was producing a torrential downpour by this time in the game, and the referee didn't want to spend any more time out there in the rain. He complained about this fact by using some choice language, and luckily for those that were watching, Triplette's still-live microphone picked up the comments.

Unhappy that a review of quarterback Dennis Dixon's 5-yard run was ordered during a heavy rainstorm, an official was clearly heard saying, "It's raining like this, I'll kick his ... " followed by several expletives.

The official then added, "He's trying to get to the Super Bowl already."

It's unclear if Triplette or someone else made the comments, but I wasn't even aware this happened until an article was written about it. WWJ's satellites decided that enough was enough minutes before when the rain started falling, and the feed didn't come back until after the play was reviewed. By then, all we got to hear was a loud clap of thunder, which ended up delaying the game with 1:31 left in the half.