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Jahi Word-Daniels Signs With Lions, Gets Hurt In 1st Practice

It's been ridiculous to see just how many defensive backs have been injured lately, but there is nothing more ridiculous than this story:

Cornerback Jahi Word-Daniels was signed before today's afternoon session of practice after the Lions' lack of healthy players in the secondary created issues with simply running drills during the morning practice. Word-Daniels spent last season with the Lions and was only released back in June. Since he knows the system, he was brought back to fill some holes created by all of these injuries.

Unfortunately for both Word-Daniels and the Lions, he succumbed to the injury bug today during his first practice back with the team, leaving the afternoon session with a left leg injury. There's no word on the severity of it just yet, but it is yet another blow to the Lions' already banged up secondary.

(As some of you pointed out earlier, the Lions only had 79 players on their roster, so nobody needed to be released to make room for Word-Daniels.)