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Talking Fantasy Football Draft Strategy


One of the things that have interested me with fantasy football drafts is watching the steps people take to assemble their teams. For example, some people are big on running backs and will spend their first few picks on strictly running backs. Others favor the quarterback position and will use a first-round pick on that position. Then you have the people that are big on receivers and go wild with that position and don't put a premium on QBs and RBs until later on.

Since I'm usually in a few leagues every year, I've tried to mix things up strategy-wise. Last year, one of my drafts focused on running backs first and other positions alter. Another had me draft a QB early on and then go through the other positions. The league I won the championship in (POD Main) featured a pretty balanced draft, as I went RB, WR and QB in the first three rounds, wanting to hit all of the big positions early on.

This year I'm planning on being in only one league, so I will have to settle on one strategy and just roll with it. I'm thinking it's best to just go with the balanced approach, making sure I get a solid running back in the first, maybe a top five receiver in the second and then find a quarterback in round three. I'm obviously not set in stone with any approach considering different things can play out on draft day, but in order to start some discussion on this Saturday afternoon, I was wondering what approach you all take. Do you focus strictly on running backs for the first few rounds, mix it up or just pick solely based on the best player available? Leave your thoughts on this subject in the comments.

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