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Lions-Browns Game Will Be Shown Locally On Tape-Delay

As expected, the Lions' game against the Browns on Saturday will be shown locally on tape-delay rather than live, as it is not going to be a sellout. Why the NFL still applies rules involving sellouts to the preseason is beyond me, as it's bad enough that blackout rules are in place during the regular season.

Although the game is not going to be a sellout, it will at least still be shown, unlike blacked out games during the regular season. For fans in the local area, though, that means they will have to wait to see the game until 9 p.m. on Saturday night. Those out of the area will be able to watch the game live on NFL Network, but it will even be blacked out on that channel for those of us local to the Lions. Instead we will have to wait until WWJ shows the game later that night.

The current plan for Pride of Detroit's coverage of the game is to treat it like it is airing live. I will put up another open thread for the tape-delayed broadcast, but if you want to check in to keep track of what is happening, there will be open threads for the 5 p.m. kickoff.