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Lions Move Amari Spievey From Cornerback To Safety

Rookie Amari Spievey has not had a great preseason so far, struggling at times and getting chewed out by Gunther Cunningham on occasion as well. Part of that likely has to do with an injury that hampered his development during the summer, but it also has to do with him just not being very good at cornerback. As a result, the Lions have decided to make that a non-issue going forward by moving him to safety.

Why would the Lions make this move now? Tom Kowalski explains:

His new position plays to his strengths -- excellent tackling ability, instincts and eyes. Spievey prospered in Iowa's defense last year because, in zone coverage, he could see everything in front of him and he reacted quickly, took good angles and tackled well.

At corner, Spievey isn't as good. He lacks that quick burst and doesn't flip his hips well enough at the NFL level.

The Lions now have six safeties on the roster with Spievey moving to the position. Louis Delmas is obviously the best of all of them, but after that it remains to be seen how the roster will shake out with this move. I would imagine Randy Phillips is safe considering how well he has played, and C.C. Brown hasn't looked all that bad as a starter all things considered. David Roach was pretty much gone before this change, but does this move mean that Ko Simpson becomes the odd man out or will the Lions keep five safeties on the roster?

The issue is that if Spievey were to be released with the hope of putting him on the practice squad, another team could claim him. I doubt the Lions would want to risk that, so regardless of whether or not Spievey is behind Simpson as a safety, it may be necessary to keep the rookie over the veteran. That is merely one of the tough decisions the Lions will face in the next week or so, but I just can't see a scenario where Spievey is let go.