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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz After Browns Game

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On if he saw enough from RB Jahvid Best after two touches
"Well, first of all, he got us off to a good start. Second of all, he was just a little bit tight. He could have continued to play. He didn’t get hurt or anything else, but he just said he didn’t feel loose – just felt a little bit tight, so we just sat him down."

"His legs were just tight. We just didn’t feel like stretching that one of his preseason games."

"Yeah, he’s a pretty good player. He did a nice job on the first play and then really did a nice job on the second one – making that guy miss in the red zone. I thought that was as good a play; maybe he didn’t gain as much yards, but it was as good a play as the first one. But you guys know me: err on the side of caution in a preseason game. If someone says, ‘Hey, he’s having a problem warming up, he’s a little bit tight,’ it just makes sense to sit him down."

On if S Louis Delmas did okay
"Yeah he did. He made it through. Played about 20-some snaps. Made it through fine – didn’t have any issues."
On the first-team defense giving up some points
"The first drive – we kept them in it a couple times. Had a missed assignment; I think we had a penalty in that one, but I think the biggest thing there is we didn’t give up too many big plays. What we did is we just stayed alive, stayed alive, stayed alive, held them to a field goal. Sort of the opposite side of what I talked about last week with offense needing to score touchdowns, defense found a way to rise up right there. And it wasn’t a good first drive for us, but there were a couple things: we didn’t give up big plays and we were able to hold them in the red zone and then (only) give up a three right there. You’re going to stay in the game and give yourself a chance to win if you don’t give up touchdowns."
On creating turnovers being something they have to do
"Yeah, we did a good job of attacking the football, stripped some balls out of there. Missed some opportunities for some interceptions. We had some that we honestly should have made; guys just need to play a little bit more aggressive in the coverage that they have and we have a chance to make some interceptions. But we attacked the football good; we were around the football – that’s good to see. Got in the endzone on one, which sort of went 50-50 on them getting a defensive touchdown. But, yeah, the turnovers are always good. It stops drives and puts your offense into scoring position."
On how he evaluates a game where they win, but the first-team defense gave up 20-of-25 from QB Jake Delhomme
"Like I said, if it’s 20-of-25 and they’re all 4-yard passes, not often are you going to be able to do a lot about that. But we need to play better on defense. We didn’t play our best football on defense – we need to play better. Like I said, there are some things I think they did a nice job with: the turnovers, rising up on the field goal on the opening drive – things like that."
On RB Aaron Brown not making the running back competition any easier
"Yeah, he did a nice job running the football. Going back, it was probably his best complete game as a running back. I’d like to see him get a little bit more aggressive on some of his returns – he bobbled that one ball on the kickoff return – but (he also) did a nice job in the passing game, did a nice job in the running game running both inside and outside. So I thought Aaron did a nice job there."
On DT Ndamukong Suh
"He was around the quarterback a couple times. It’s hard to really evaluate a defensive lineman until you watch the film. It’s hard to isolate – particularly an interior guy – and be able to see. He’s seen a lot of different things. A lot of different ways people try to attack out defense and getting that experience is good for him."
On how DB Amari Spievey did after being "thrown into the fire" at safety
"I’d like to see him make that one play on the sideline. He got halfway in between going for the hit or going for the pick and if he just goes for the hit, that guy never comes down in bounds. That’s something that comes from experience. He’s been a safety for just a few days on a short week, so I don’t want to read too much into that. I thought he did a nice job tackling – it’s alignments and also needing a lot of work. We knew that was going to be the case going in, but we also wanted to play him quite a bit to get him out there and get him exposed to that stuff. The only way he’s going to learn is getting out there and playing.

"We’re a little bit short on time with him. We’ve had a couple different issues. We’ve had some times where our corners have been so limited in practice that we couldn’t get him any safety reps. And there’s been times that, all of a sudden we have safety injuries, and we have to turn around and get him back out there quickly at safety. Hasn’t been the best situation for him. I think he had one play that he really had a terrible missed assignment. The rest of the time, he just needs to tighten up some alignments and just get a little feel. But he’s tough, he’ll tackle, he’s got good range."