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Jason Hanson To Have Surgery On Non-Kicking Knee

For the second straight summer, Jason Hanson is going to have surgery on one of his knees. The good news is that unlike last summer, this surgery will not be on his kicking knee. It will also come a couple weeks before the time he had surgery last year, meaning he will have more time to recover from it.

Apparently Hanson hurt his left knee (non-kicking) yesterday when planting for a kick. The injury will require arthroscopic surgery, which Jim Schwartz is calling "minor."

"We’ve never put timetables on guys, but don’t anticipate it being a thing that would jeopardize the start of this season or anything else," Schwartz said. "Really won’t know a whole lot till they get in there, but we don’t anticipate it being anything but minor."

"We’re anticipating a very similar situation as last year," Schwartz said. "The difference is last year it occurred deeper into training camp; this is real early."

Hanson had his right knee scoped last August and was ready to go for the first game of the season. Even so, last season was pretty bad by his standards, and many attributed it to the surgery. Hopefully this year that won't be the case, as the surgery is on his non-kicking knee and like I said, is earlier in training camp.

Aaron Pettrey will fill in for Hanson at kicker until he is able to return.