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Cleveland's Nick Sorensen Doing Okay After Sustaining Concussion

On Saturday at Ford Field, there was a very scary moment when Browns safety Nick Sorensen didn't get up after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit while covering a kickoff. Sorensen was on the turf and didn't show any signs of movement, causing great concern for players and coaches from both teams and the fans watching in person and on TV.

Any time a player goes down and doesn't immediately get up, there's a reason to be concerned. With Sorensen, that concern was magnified because of the way he took the hit. Two Lions blocked him at the same time and he took most of the helmet-to-helmet blow, because his body just tightened up and he fell to the ground. After medical personnel from both teams checked him out, he was put on a stretcher and carted off the field, leaving many to wonder what exactly happened to him.

The first good news relating to Sorensen's condition came during the second half of the game when fans learned that he had feeling in all four of his extremities. More good news came earlier today when his agent said that Sorensen checked out okay after Browns doctors evaluated him. The final piece of good news is that Sorensen's injury was only a concussion rather than something involving the neck.

Sorensen will obviously miss some time while he recovers from this injury, but at the end of the day, it's just relieving to know that he should be able to return at some point. Whenever a player has to be carted off the field on a stretcher, you always fear the worst, but thankfully in this case, Sorensen should not only be okay in general, but he should even be able to resume his playing career.