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Brett Favre Won't Retire If He's Healthy Enough To Play

You just could sense it. Brett Favre is going to retire? This must be too good to be true. Well, unfortunately for now, it is too good to be true, because contrary to reports yesterday, Favre has not made a final decision one way or another. It's possible that he still may retire, but if his ankle is healthy enough for him to play, No. 4 will be back for another season.

Favre denied sending text messages to Vikings teammates and club officials that might have indicated he had decided to retire.

Favre told ESPN that he has decided to play for Minnesota in 2010 if his surgically repaired ankle heals but said the fact he has not been able to decide his future reflects his level of concern about regaining his health.

I'm not sure how this story was so inaccurately reported (well done, ESPN), but it's clear that Favre will come back if his body allows him to. There's no guarantee that his ankle will heal quickly enough for him to return, but who here honestly believes Favre will retire now? Even when the story broke yesterday, many of you were smart enough to not get your hopes up until he confirmed he was done. That definitely would have been the smart thing to do, because yesterday's story turned out to not be true.

Oh well, I guess if Favre does come back, Ndamukong Suh will just have to help him retire when the Vikings and Lions meet this upcoming season. That definitely sounds like a solid "Plan B" if Favre doesn't simply retire this summer.