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Rumors About Season-Ending Injury For Louis Delmas Called 'Inaccurate'

This morning, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported that rumors are swirling about the severity of Louis Delmas' groin injury. As you all probably know, Delmas has missed every day of training camp so far and has been stuck on the sidelines watching. While Jim Schwartz has made it sound like Delmas just needs to do more conditioning before actually practicing, Florio passed along a rumor that indicates the injury could be worse than anticipated.

Lions safety Louis Delmas has missed the first week or so of training camp due to a groin injury suffered in the offseason. Though he's widely expected to hit the practice field soon -- indeed, a source with knowledge of the situation insists that Delmas will be ready to go when the regular season begins -- we're hearing that there's quiet concern within the organization regarding the possibility that Delmas ultimately will need surgery to repair the injury.

Indeed, there's talk that perhaps the best course of action would be to shut Delmas down for the season, and to perform the surgery now.

Jim Schwartz has yet to comment on this rumor, but so far both Tom Kowalski and Chris McCosky have heard that PFT's report is "inaccurate." While Delmas is banged up still, their sources say this is not a season-ending type of injury -- at least not currently. Let's hope they're right and this is just something that keeps Delmas out for a bit rather than an extended period of time.

I'm sure this is not the kind of news you want to start the day with, but so far it appears that PFT's report is false. Then again, PFT mentioned this at the bottom of the article:

Expect the team and the player to deny the possibility that surgery is needed.  But then pay attention to Delmas' health throughout the year -- and whether there's eventually an "aggravation" that results in the player being placed on injured reserve in advance of a procedure aimed at fixing the situation.

Even if Schwartz and Delmas come out and deny this, that last paragraph is going to stick in the back of my mind. PFT could be completely off base, but it's obviously possible Delmas could aggravate any injury during the season, especially one of the groin variety. Personally, I just hope Delmas gets back on the practice field soon and disappears from the injury report altogether by the end of the preseason.

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