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Surgery Not In The Cards For Louis Delmas

The rumor about Louis Delmas needing surgery has been debunked by Delmas himself.

Delmas admitted surgery has been discussed. "But it’s not a possibility right now. The best thing for me right now is taking time off and doing a lot of ice and (stimulation),’’ Delmas said.

According to Tom Kowalski's article about this topic, Delmas went to a specialist to talk about all options for recovering from this injury, and surgery was not recommended. In addition, Jim Schwartz said that this injury is still a "short-term" thing, although he mentioned that he doesn't want to respond to every single rumor out there. Delmas understandably seemed even more peeved over it.

"To me that’s just people who don’t have nothing to do. Obviously they want to feel important so they throw a couple words out there. Rumors are rumors. Once I’m healthy enough to go out there and participate the rumors will be shut down,’’ Delmas said.

Regardless of your thoughts about Pro Football Talk, that last sentence is definitely true. Once Delmas is able to practice, concerns over his health will be alleviated. Hopefully that happens soon.

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