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Detroit Lions' Unofficial Cheerleaders Make Their Ford Field Debut

The "Detroit Pride," the Lions' unofficial cheerleaders, debuted on Sunday. Although the Lions don't have any plans for official cheerleaders in the near future, the Detroit Pride are filling the void as best as they can. As you can imagine, though, the Lions have some rules for the group, which consists of 12 cheerleaders.

• They are not allowed to perform organized cheers.

• They cannot obstruct the view of fans.

• They are not allowed to take group photos with fans. Only two girls may appear in photos, so they plan to walk through Ford Field in rows of two.

• They cannot wear Lions logos or team colors. Although there is blue in their uniforms, it will not be "Honolulu blue."

Basically, the cheerleaders are regular fans that are a bit more organized as far as showing their spirit is concerned. I personally don't see the appeal of having the cheerleaders since they really can't do much of anything, but the fans in attendance seemed to enjoy the Detroit Pride, which hope to one day become the Lions' actual cheerleaders. I can't say I see it happening anytime soon, but credit to them for being proactive about the situation I guess.

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