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Grade Jim Schwartz - September 2010

We are two weeks into the 2010 NFL season. Although you can only learn so much from two games, especially when those two games were missing Matthew Stafford for all but one half, I think we have learned a lot about the Lions and their coaches. Sure, we will learn a lot more in the coming weeks, but I think now is a good time to see where everyone stands in relation to the Lions' head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator.

Today, we will grade Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. The last time we graded Schwartz was in July and he received a pretty even split of votes for both an A and B. Some gave him a C, although it was a definite minority.

Previously, I gave Schwartz an A for what he has done with the Lions so far. This time around, however, I'm dropping him down a letter to a B. While the Lions have faced some serious adversity this season with Stafford's injury and the bad call and could easily be 2-0, the fact of the matter is they're 0-2. While I am encouraged by the progress I am seeing with some parts of the team, this time around I decided to hold off on giving Schwartz the highest grade until wins start happening. At the end of the day, wins are all that matter, and while moral victories are fine every so often, I'm getting tired of them personally.

What do you guys think?

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