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Nate Burleson Out 2-3 Weeks With High Ankle Sprain?

Neither Nate Burleson nor Jim Schwartz had a whole lot to say about Burleson's injury or how long he'll be out, but Stefan Logan shed some light on what's up.

"I don’t know what they’re going to put in the game plan this week," Logan said. "We got one guy that went down. He’ll be down for about two, three weeks with a high ankle sprain, so we just got to step in and do the best we can as far as helping the team win and get our first victory."

Nate Burleson didn't rule himself out for the Vikings game, but if he has a high ankle sprain, this is going to be a week-to-week thing rather than a day-to-day injury. High ankle sprains are a nagging type of injury that can linger for a few weeks, so I would personally be shocked if he is able to play if this is in fact his injury. Actually, I'd be surprised if he is able to give it a go next week if he has a high ankle sprain, although I suppose it depends on the severity.

When asked about Burleson's injury, Schwartz was his usual self, not revealing anything newsworthy about it.

"We didn’t amputate it, so we’ll see where that is this week."

Needless to say, it's probably best just to wait for the initial injury report (out later today) to get an idea of what Burleson's status truly is.