Really starting to dislike ESPN Writers

I read this and I got kinda P.O.'d. I know they always go w/ the sexy picks but come on guys we have improved a lot and we may have to win via shoot out 49-47 scores or something like that but to just put us at the bottom of the league. There has been to much improvement for us to be 4th in the NFC North. Sure they make some valid points and all and our new secondary has yet to play together. When all our players are on the field at the same time we could be one of the top defenses in the league...

Before you blast me let me just say these couple of points

1. I have a lot of faith in the Detroit brass

2. I just stopped smoking crack (just kidding)

3. But I do drink a lot of Honolulu blue Kool-Aid

Ok now let the bashing begin!

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