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Spencer Havner Is A Linebacker

When news broke that the Lions had claimed Spencer Havner on Sunday, the assumption was that he would play tight end. Although he entered the league as a linebacker, Havner switched to tight end last year for Green Bay and did quite well. Yes, the Lions had three tight ends already, but the expectation is for there to be plenty of two-tight end sets this season, meaning taking four TEs was just building good depth.

As it turns out, the Lions apparently claimed Havner to play linebacker. He is listed as a linebacker on the release sent out by the team announcing the move and he is also a linebacker on their roster.

Originally it looked like Dennis Northcutt was let go to make room for Havner, but we now know that he was released to make way for Stefan Logan. Rocky Boiman was the one released to make room for Havner, which surprises me. I don't see why the Lions would release a true linebacker like Boiman, who knows the system well and provides good depth, for a player like Havner, who was a tight end last season. Is he a good athlete who could also contribute on offense? Sure, but I guess I am having a tough time understanding how Havner is an upgrade at the linebacker position.

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