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2011 NFL Draft: What Picks Do The Detroit Lions Have?

Last week, Martin Mayhew said that the Detroit Lions have only six picks in the 2011 NFL Draft. He didn't go through each round and list which specific picks the Lions have, but he did say that they are lacking a sixth-round selection. How did the Lions get to that point? Let's take a look.

First things first, every team starts out the 2011 NFL Draft with a pick in each of the seven rounds:

Round 1 pick

Round 2 pick

Round 3 pick

Round 4 pick

Round 5 pick

Round 6 pick

Round 7 pick

The Lions have made the following moves in the past year involving picks from the 2011 NFL Draft:

  • Going way back to before the 2009 season, the Lions got a 2011 seventh-round pick from the Jets for Kevin O'Connell.
  • Detroit got a seventh-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft from the Broncos as part of the three-team Ernie Sims/Tony Scheffler trade. During the draft, they sent that pick to Philadelphia (interestingly, the Eagles were the other team involved in the Sims/Scheffler trade) for a 2011 sixth-rounder.
  • In addition to a sixth-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Lions sent a conditional seventh-rounder to Atlanta in exchange for Chris Houston.
  • To get Shaun Hill, Detroit sent a 2011 seventh-round pick to the 49ers.
  • The Lions gave Seattle a 2011 sixth-round pick for Lawrence Jackson.

Factoring in all of the non-Houston related moves (more on that in a second), this is what the list of the Lions' draft picks looks like (note: it's not clear which sixth- and seventh-round picks were dealt since the Lions had more than one, so I'm just crossing out their original pick; it's possible the pick that was actually traded is the one that didn't originally belong to them, though):

Round 1 pick

Round 2 pick

Round 3 pick

Round 4 pick

Round 5 pick

Round 6 pick (sent to Seattle)

Round 6 pick (from Philadelphia)

Round 7 pick (sent to San Francisco)

Round 7 pick (from Jets)

Considering the pick sent to Atlanta for Houston was a conditional seventh-rounder and Mayhew recently said that the Lions have no selections in the sixth round, I think it's safe to say that that pick was bumped up to a sixth-rounder (Houston did start in 15 games, after all). That would give the Lions one pick in the seventh round and none in the sixth round, which is what the current draft lineup looks like according to Mayhew.

Taking all of this into consideration, the Lions currently control the following picks in the 2011 NFL Draft:

Round 1 pick (original)

Round 2 pick (original)

Round 3 pick (original)

Round 4 pick (original)

Round 5 pick (original)

Round 7 pick (original or from the Jets)

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