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Arrest Warrant Requested For Lions Player Accused Of Inappropriate Contact

Earlier this month, a Detroit Lions player was accused of inappropriate contact at the Ironwood Grill in Plymouth during a private party. A 22-year-old woman made the accusation, alleging that one of the five Lions players that attended the party touched her inappropriately. On Tuesday, an arrest warrant was submitted by Plymouth police for the accused player, whose name has still not been released to the public.

The arrest warrant in this case was submitted on Tuesday afternoon. According to Detective Lt. Jamie Grabowski, who sent an e-mail to the Detroit Free Press about the case, there are protocols to follow before the arrest warrant is authorized or denied, and it's unclear when it will actually be reviewed.

The attorney representing the alleged victim told the Free Press that the decision was made to file a civil suit against the Lions player, but they are waiting to see how the player's attorneys handles the matter. (Reading between the lines, I'm assuming they want a settlement and will file a civil suit if one isn't agreed to.)

The Lions have not released a comment yet on this news, and I would imagine that we won't hear from them unless the arrest warrant is actually approved and the accused player's name is released.

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