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Kevin Smith Denies Saying He Wants Miami Dolphins To Come Get Him

I know this has been discussed in ad nauseum already, but for the sake of catching up on what I missed the last couple days, below is a rundown of what happened with Kevin Smith and his supposed comment about the Miami Dolphins.

On Tuesday, South Florida Sun-Sentinel writer Omar Kelly tweeted the following:

Ran into Lions RB Kevin Smith during my morning workout. He's a restricted free agent and told me to tell the Dolphins: "Come get me."

Under the rules of the CBA that is set to expire in March, Smith would be a restricted free agent this offseason, as Kelly said in his tweet. What this means is that the Detroit Lions have the option of tendering him a contract offer. Depending on the value of the offer, there could be compensation attached to it in case Smith accepts an offer from another team. Even if he did the Lions would have the option to match the offer, but if they opted not to and he left they would get compensation.

Smith isn't free to sign anywhere he wants considering the Lions ultimately have the final say about his future, so him saying something about wanting the Dolphins to come get him doesn't mean much. Even so, there was unsurprisingly a backlash against Smith for the supposed comment, as many Lions fans took it as a slap in the face. As conveyed by many here on Pride of Detroit, the attitude some fans hold is that if Smith wants to play for Miami then he can get out of town and the Lions should cut ties with him.

Just as unsurprisingly as the backlash from some Lions fans, Smith spoke with The Detroit News Tuesday night and denied saying anything of the sort to Kelly. Here is his explanation of what happened:

"Man, people can write anything," Smith said by phone from South Florida. 

Smith said he was working out in a local gym and "some guy" started talking to him. Smith said he recognized Kelly from his days of playing in Florida. 

"I guess he was looking for a story," Smith said. "I have a contract and I am happy to be where I am at. That is what it boils down to. I told him I was not doing a story on my free agency and he went ahead and tweeted something." 

My guess is that Smith did make the comment, but I imagine it was in a joking or at least a less than serious manner, which got lost in translation when Kelly put it on Twitter. It's entirely possible Smith would prefer to play in Miami considering he is from there, but it obviously doesn't make sense to let that be known publicly considering he likely will be back in Detroit next season. Whatever the case, if he did make this comment I'm sure he didn't expect it to end up on Twitter, which is why he spoke with The Detroit News to do some damage control. It was probably a necessary move from a PR standpoint, but I personally don't think his supposed comment was a big deal to begin with.

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