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Latest LeBron James Commercial Spoof Takes Aim At Brett Favre (VIDEO)

After filling retirement paperwork with the NFL earlier this week, it appears that Brett Favre has finally retired for good. Obviously you never want to close the door on him changing his mind again considering what transpired over the last few years, but it does seem as though he is finally done playing football.

Not only did he seemingly suffer more injuries this past season than previously in his entire career, but now that he has filed retirement paperwork, Favre is already doing damage control with Green Bay Packers fans. After a messy divorce that ultimately resulted in him playing for the rival Minnesota Vikings, Favre managed to turn himself into a villain for many in Green Bay. In order to start mending some fences, though, he is jumping on the Packers bandwagon for the rest of the playoffs, telling Ed Werder in an e-mail that they are "by far" the best team left in the playoffs and that he thinks they will win the Super Bowl.

Even if he has in fact retired for good we probably haven't heard the last of Brett Favre. Not only did he push himself back into the spotlight by sharing his Super Bowl pick with ESPN, but he has the whole Jenn Sterger thing hanging over his head. This obviously sucks for Favre, but it provides us with lots of material to make fun of him. I'll admit that many of the Favre jokes have grown tired, but the ones in the video below are absolutely hilarious. The video is a spoof of LeBron James' infamous "What should I do?" Nike commercial. Many of the spoofs of that commercial have grown equally as stale as the Favre jokes, but again, this is not one of them. It is probably the funniest video you will watch all day, and despite just being uploaded yesterday, it is already going viral. Check it out:

(Via KSK)

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