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Detroit Lions Player Accused Of Inappropriate Contact Won't Consider Settlement

The lawyer for the woman who accused a Detroit Lions player of inappropriately contacting her during a private party at a Plymouth restaurant on Jan. 3 told The Detroit News today that a civil lawsuit will be filed at some point. Right now the lawyer is waiting to see if criminal charges are brought against the player before taking any action, but he reiterated that they "definitely plan on filing a civil suit."

There was some thought that a civil suit would not be filed if a settlement was reached between the player and the alleged victim before it got to that point, but the lawyer for the player says that's not going to happen.

"There won't be any settlement of any civil claims,'' Colvin said. "My client is adamant that this event never occurred.''

Not only are the Lions player and his lawyer not even considering a civil suit, but they will file a countersuit if a civil case is brought about for the alleged Jan. 3 incident.

"We're confident a warrant will be denied,'' Colvin said. "If the matter were to become a civil action, we would counter-sue for defamation.''

There's no timetable for when a decision about a warrant will be made by the prosecutor's office. It could take a few days or a few weeks, so for right now this case is stuck in neutral. In the press, however, the battle between the two sides is just getting started.

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