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Coke Zero Road To The Big Game: Parties

Every year the Super Bowl is the most watched football game in the United States. Hardcore and casual football fans come together to watch it regardless of the teams involved. It's an American tradition to get in front of a TV for the game, and I'd venture to guess most people watch the Super Bowl at a party of some sort.

In order to get some ideas for Super Bowl parties and recount experiences, Coca Cola is sponsoring a post on all of the NFL blogs where we discuss the different aspects of gatherings for the big game. Personally, I usually just watch the game at home and keep things relatively simple by hanging out with a few people and having a pizza. While the Super Bowl is undoubtedly a big deal, I don't go all out by any means since football is usually on my TV every single weekend from August to February (even the off week before the Super Bowl has the Senior Bowl and Pro Bowl now).

Taking that into consideration, I am interested in hearing what you guys do for the Super Bowl. Do you just enjoy it from your couch? Do you head to a bar or a big party with friends? What kind of food and beverages do you consume during the big game? And last but not least, how epic would your party be if the Detroit Lions ever made it to the Super Bowl? You obviously want to be able to remember the experience, so you don't want to party too hard, but a Lions Super Bowl would definitely be worth celebrating.

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