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Warrant Sought For Detroit Lions Player Denied

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office has denied the Plymouth Police's request for an arrest warrant for the Detroit Lions player accused of inappropriate contact. The request for the warrant was submitted last week, and after reviewing the evidence, the decision was made to deny it.

The lawyer representing the Lions player had this to say about the news:

"There was never a doubt in our mind that the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office would reach the conclusion they did,'' said attorney Jay Colvin.

He went on to say that a request has been made for the name of the player to be redacted from Freedom of Information requests. While the player was not charged with anything, it still wouldn't look good to be associated with this story, so you can understand why they want to make sure his identity remains unknown.

"We've asked the names be redacted from any Freedom of Information request. We believe there's precedent in the law,'' Colvin said. "We hope that the complainant's counsel adheres to his initial statements that his client wanted no attention or publicity and the recent threat of a civil suit is reconsidered.''

The lawyer representing the alleged victim previously made it sound like a civil suit will be filed should this outcome happen, but it's not clear if that's the next course of action or not. Should a civil suit be filed, it's much more likely that the player's name would be made public, but right now the unnamed player is still unnamed, which is how it should be since no charges were filed.

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