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Lions Notes: Police Report For Alleged Incident Involving Lions Player Released

  • The police report for the alleged incident involving a Lions player earlier this month is out. The gist of what happened, according to the 22-year-old woman involved in the alleged incident, is that the unnamed player (both his and the woman's name were redacted in the report) was dancing with her at approximately 1 a.m. and proceeded to lift her shirt up. This made her feel "extremely violated, disrespected, and uncomfortable."

    The player did not actually touch the woman, according to her account of the story, so the accusation of inappropriate contact was over the woman's shirt being lifted up. The player's account of what happened was that he didn't dance with anyone and "absolutely did not lift anyone's shirt up over their heads." As you already know, charges were not filed over this allegation, and to me it seems like a mountain was made out of a molehill.
  • Charles Rogers is facing foreclosure on yet another home. He owes more than $421,000 on this house, and last year he defaulted on a $1.04 million mortgage for a different house. Last April it was ruled that he owes the Lions $6.1 million, but I'd be surprised if they ever see a dime of that.
  • Charlie Sanders is very impressed with Brandon Pettigrew, calling him the "best complete tight end out there."
  • Tim Pendell, who was the Lions' senior director of community affairs for 26 years, will retire on Feb. 1.
  • For the first time since 2000, a team the Lions beat during the regular season made it to the Super Bowl. The Lions beat the Packers, which will take on the Steelers next Sunday in Super Bowl 45. Back in 2000, the Lions beat the Giants, which lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl.
  • The Lions currently have better odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl than both the Bears and the Vikings. 
  • Calvin Johnson was interviewed out at the Pro Bowl by Marshall Faulk earlier this week.
  • WYCD did a four-part interview with Jim Schwartz earlier this week. It's pretty entertaining.
  • Raiders owner Al Davis, who may or may not be a zombietook a bit of a shot at Calvin Johnson recently because the Lions haven't won many games since drafting him. His basic point was that while drafting JaMarcus Russell hurt, guys they could have picked instead haven't made a big impact on their teams' win-loss record. He does have a bit of a point considering the Lions haven't won much since Calvin came to town, but it's not like they would have been better off had someone else been picked. I think that's the point he was trying to make about the Raiders, but they've actually had some decent teams the last couple years. I believe picking Calvin instead of Russell could have impacted the Raiders quite a bit.
  • Louis Delmas will be honored next week for his charitable work.
  • The man charged in the road rage incident where Delmas was a passenger of the vehicle has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Feb. 28.
  • Per research by a statistics company, the Lions were the NFL's seventh-most exciting team this season.
  • SB Nation's mock draft this week has the Lions selecting UCLA's Akeem Ayers.
  • The Detroit News profiled Ngum Suh, Ndamukong's sister, and looked at how she helps lead "Team Suh."
  • National Geographic put together an interesting story on concussions and how even small hits to the head can cause brain deterioration over time.
  • Former Lions tight end Dan Campbell has been hired to coach tight ends for the Miami Dolphins.
  • Former 49ers coach Mike Singletary has been hired as the Vikings' linebackers coach.
  • Jeff Fisher parted ways with the Tennessee Titans earlier this week.
  • Darnell Docket ended up being Ndamukong Suh's replacement in the Pro Bowl. Originally Kevin Williams was going to replace Suh, but he decided to not play in the game since he and his wife have a child on the way.

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