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2011 Detroit Lions Schedule: Early Look At The Lions' Opponents

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UPDATE: The Detroit Lions' full 2011 schedule has been released.

Because it's never too early to look ahead, below is a quick peak at the Lions' 2011 schedule. The exact dates and times won't be released until April (assuming a CBA is in place by then and there is actually a need for a schedule), but right now we know which teams are on the Lions' 2011 schedule.

Home Games

Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers

Away Games

Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders

On top of playing the other three NFC North teams, the Lions also play the entire NFC South and AFC West. Detroit plays the Cowboys and 49ers as well. Both of those teams finished in third place in their divisions (the NFC East and NFC West), which is why they will play the Lions next season.