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Shaun Hill's Father Passes Away After Accidental Fall

The father of Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill died on Saturday after accidentally falling while working on a barn. Ted Hill, Shaun's dad, was 60 years old and passed away at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

Hill died at 4:55 p.m. on Saturday due to the fall, which happened while helping Shaun work on a barn. They were working at Shaun's home in Missouri, and Ted apparently fell off a ladder. The resulting injuries were the cause of his death.

Shaun Hill actually played for his father in high school in two sports. He was a starter at quarterback for his dad in football and helped lead his high school's basketball team to two consecutive state tournament appearances. Shaun's father was an assistant football coach, the coach of the boys and girls basketball teams and the principal of the high school during his life.

My thoughts go out to Shaun Hill and his family.