How did you all do in your Fantasy Footbal leagues???

I myself did real well.. Played in 1 ESPN league and 6 Yahoo leagues. Won the Championship in all of them but 1 of the Yahoo leagues. In that 1 I placed in 6th place w/ an 8-6 record.

In my yahoo leagues I had 2 teams that went 12-2, 1 went 11-3 , 1 went 13-1...

Then in my ESPN league I finished 11-2..

I know some are gonna say that it's to hard to keep up with that many but I will tell you it's not that bad 2 websites and you make a mental note to check in on Tuesday.. If possible try to check back briefly on Friday or Saturday.. Do the best that you can to draft the same team and try to stay loyal to the ones you thought at the beginning that would bring you to the promise land. (and yes there is always an exception to the rule) for an example say you got P.Rivers and A.Rodgers. Pick 1 and ride him til he either has an injury, bye week, or is in a big slump... The exception to this rule is 1 is going against the Jets and the other is going against the Panthers..

So post up and tell me how you all did in your league(s)

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