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Unnamed Lions Player Accused Of 'Inappropriate Sexual Conduct'

A Detroit Lions player has been accused of "inappropriate sexual conduct," according to WDIV. The accusation stems from an alleged incident that happened Monday night at Ironwood Grill in Plymouth, Michigan. The restaurant hosted a private party that night and five Lions players were in attendance. A 22-year-old woman alleges that one of those players "made her the victim of inappropriate sexual conduct."

"On Thursday, there were reports in the news media of an incident that occurred at the Ironwood Grill in Plymouth on Monday," Jaafar said in the statement. "Jaafar and Mahdi Law Group can confirm that we represent the victim of the sexual assault that we believe was perpetrated by a Detroit Lions player who has not been named. Our client, a 22-year-old woman, does not wish to make her identity public or to garner any publicity from this terrible incident. Our job is to help provide a remedy for our client, and we are confident that once the facts come to light, our client's rights will be vindicated. We request that all communication in this matter come through our office."

The accused player, whose name was not released, "has emphatically denied that anything happened," according to Allen Cox, the Plymouth police chief. Cox also said that the police "want to talk to the people we know were present." There were many witnesses at this party, so it's likely that more interviews will need to be done before this investigation is concluded.

As far as I can tell only WDIV has picked up this story. I don't know if other outlets are waiting for more information before reporting about it, but this story has been out for 24 hours and only they have touched it.

UPDATE: FOX 2 has also picked up this story.

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