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Who Powered Through: Season Wrap-Up Edition

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Injuries were a big part of the Lions' 2010 season, but not all of them were of the season-ending variety. A number of guys on the team played through their injuries and only now are going to get surgery or the rest they need in order to be 100 percent healthy. For the last Who Powered Through post of season, I figured now would be a good time to give a pat on the back to the following players:

  • RB Jahvid Best (toes)
  • OG Stephen Peterman (foot)
  • DT Ndamukong Suh (shoulder)
  • LB DeAndre Levy (groin)
  • S Louis Delmas (groin)

These guys fit the definition of powering through, as they all were banged up throughout the season. All NFL players are going to have bumps and bruises by the end of the year, but these five players are either going to be off their feet for eight weeks (Best), having surgery (Suh, Levy and Delmas) or potentially having surgery in the coming weeks (Peterman). They deserve recognition for overcoming their injuries enough to keep playing throughout the season despite obviously needing time off to heal. Kudos to you, gentlemen.