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Lions Shoot Down Talks Of Jahvid Best Missing Rest Of Season

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At this point it seems unlikely that the Detroit Lions will have running back Jahvid Best available on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. With Best suffering his second concussion in the last couple of months and other Lions players (Tony Scheffler and Justin Durant) missing at least one game following their concussion, it's looking unlikely that he will play.

In the wake of Best's second concussion this year, some have suggested this could be a season-ending injury. CBS Sports' Mike Freeman, for example, reported this today:

NFL Insider Mike Freeman reported Thursday that Lions RB Jahvid Best has been advised by people close to him to "strongly consider sitting out the year" after suffering his second concussion of the season.

The Lions and Best's agent have come out strongly against the idea that Best will miss the rest of the season. Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan expects Best to return this season, and Tony Fleming, Best's agent, had a few things to say about this report.

Jahvid Best's agent on shutting him down for year: "Not what anybody is thinking right now."

Best's agent, Tony Fleming, also said he wasn't aware of anyone trying to convince Jahvid to call it a season right now.

Jahvid Best's agent, Tony Fleming, expects his client to be evaluated week to week and wrote in an email "...he should be OK soon."

While it is certainly important for Best to not rush back from this concussion and it is concerning that another one happened, I think people already putting him on the shelf for the season need to take a step back. Could Best miss some time because of the concussion? Absolutely, but I would be surprised if he is out for the rest of the season over this.