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Lions Notes: Broncos RB Willis McGahee To Miss Sunday's Game

  • Broncos running back Willis McGahee is going to miss Sunday's game against the Lions due to a broken finger.
  • There has been a lot of talk about Matthew Stafford's throwing motion as of late, and Jim Schwartz addressed it today during an interview.
  • Lions running back Jerome Harrison reportedly had surgery to remove his brain tumor last Friday, and it went well, according to ESPN.
  • In the wake of the Jim Schwartz/Jim Harbaugh handshake incident, the NFL sent out a memo to teams that basically said fines will be issued in the future for similar post-game conduct. I'm not quite sure why the NFL didn't just fine Schwartz and Harbaugh, but it appears they lucked out.
  • Dick Stockton and John Lynch are going to be the announcers for Sunday's Lions-Broncos game, which means your mute buttons may get a workout.
  • Barry Sanders posted photos from Lions Alumni Day, which was held at Sunday's Lions-Falcons game.
  • Somehow Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan isn't wearing a walking boot despite it looking like he broke his ankle during last Sunday's game. It's amazing how an injury can look so much worse than it actually is.