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Lions' Ndamukong Suh Requests Meeting With Roger Goodell

When I first heard that Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was set to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell next week, my first thought was, "What are they going to fine him for now?" As it turns out, the meeting does not have to do with a new fine, but rather things Suh has been penalized and fined for in the past.

According to FOX Sports' Jay Glazer, Suh is the one who set up the meeting. He wants to take time out of his bye week to go to New York to meet with Goodell in order to better understand why he has been flagged and fined for certain plays.

N Suh set up a meeting w Commissioner, other members of league office & officiating in NY to get clarity on plays he's been flagged and fined, explain his side to get on same page to hopefully curb them

I like the proactive nature of Suh's request. Rather than continue to be flagged and risk being summoned to the league office at some point because of a hit, Suh isn't going to wait. Instead he and possibly Jim Schwartz as well are set to head to the NFL office during the bye week in hopes of figuring out why some calls are being made. Hopefully the meeting will result in a decrease in personal fouls on Suh and drop the chances of Suh being fined again in the future.

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