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Lions Game Ball Of The Week: Cliff Avril

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One of Martin Mayhew's biggest priorities right now has to be locking up Lions defensive end Cliff Avril to a long-term deal. Avril is currently on a one-year contract, and with the way he has played so far this season, his value is going up every week, as evidenced by Sunday's game against the Broncos.

Avril recorded three tackles on Sunday, two of which were sacks. Both sacks resulted in Tim Tebow fumbling the ball, and the second fumble was picked up by Avril and returned for his first career touchdown. Avril actually predicted a sack-fumble before the game since Tebow is a lefty and would have his back turned toward him, and the prediction turned out to be dead on.

On the season, Avril has 17 tackles, five sacks, two pass defenses and three forced fumbles. He set a career-high in sacks a year ago with 8.5 in 13 games, and this year he is on pace for 10 sacks. Needless to say, it's time to pay the man and make sure he is set to be a Lion for years to come.

(Note: Chris Houston also received a game ball this week. Two were handed out since the Lions are off this week and there will not be any game ball posts next week.)