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Matthew Stafford Has Fractured Right Index Finger

Much was made on Sunday about why Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was wearing gloves. Despite the fact that it was common knowledge leading up to the game that he would be wearing gloves, the announcers on FOX seemed shocked since it wasn't raining or extremely cold at the game on Sunday.

As it turns out, Stafford was wearing gloves because he has a broken right index finger (the injury apparently happened against the Broncos two weeks ago). The finger was listed, along with Stafford's ankle, on the injury report this week, but the extent of the injury wasn't known. After the game, Stafford confirmed he does in fact have a fractured finger, although he declined to blame his poor play on the injury.

"It felt fine," Stafford said. "I felt like I made some real good throws with it. I made some tough throws with it."

Stafford apparently felt the wind was a bigger issue than his injured finger. I certainly hope that was the problem and Stafford will get back to playing well next week, but I have a tough time believing his fractured finger wasn't the cause of his poor day of throwing. What do you think?