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Fines Likely Coming In Wake Of Lions-Bears Skirmish

Quite a few FedEx envelopes with fines from the NFL are expected to be sent to the Lions and Bears this week after what happened on Sunday in Chicago. In addition to some questionable hits that happened during the game, there was also a skirmish between the two teams after Matthew Stafford threw down D.J. Moore by his head and Moore retaliated with a late hit.

The NFL is conducting a review of the fourth-quarter incident, and as Dave Birkett reports, fighting or simply entering the "fighting area" is grounds for an automatic fine.

According to the league’s fine schedule, the minimum fine for a first-time fighting offense is $25,000, with players who unnecessarily enter the fighting area and are actively involved in the altercation subject to a $5,000 penalty. Players who unnecessarily enter the fighting area and are not involved in the fight are subject to a $2,500 fine.

Anwar Richardson reports that both Justin Durant and Nate Burleson expect Lions players to be fined. I'm not sure how many of the fines we will find out about, but I would imagine a few FedEx envelopes will be delivered to the team's facility in Allen Park this week.