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Prepare To Facepalm: Nickelback To Perform Thanksgiving Halftime Show

The halftime shows for the annual Thanksgiving games in Detroit and Dallas are usually pretty hit or miss. They obviously don't receive as much publicity as the Super Bowl halftime show, but they are still shown to the national television audience.

According to the Oakland Press's Gary Graff, the halftime show at this year's Lions-Packers game on Thanksgiving will be performed by -- wait for it -- Nickelback.

Multiplatinum Vancouver-based rockers Nickelback are slated to perform at the half of the Lions' annual holiday game, this year against interdivision rival the Green Bay Packers. It's not know what Nickelback will perform, but the group will be promoting a new album, "Here and Now," which comes out Nov. 21.

It's not like I will watch the halftime show anyway, but man, if there were ever a time to sum up a story with the word "facepalm," this is it. Probably the only entertaining thing about this would be Jim Schwartz's reaction when he hears that Nickelback will be playing in his team's stadium during a game.