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Detroit Lions Opponents Recap: Week 11

The list of opponents still on the Detroit Lions' schedule is shrinking. All that remains this year are a pair of games against the Green Bay Packers, a divisional matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, road games against the New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders and a home game against the sinking San Diego Chargers. Although there are a lot of tough games coming up, there are certainly some winnable games left on the schedule.

Here's a look at how the Lions' future opponents performed in Week 11:

Packers (10-0) - at Lions on Nov. 24; vs. Lions on Jan. 1 - beat Buccaneers at home, 35-26

Saints (7-3) - vs. Lions on Dec. 4 - BYE

Vikings (2-8) - at Lions on Dec. 11 - lost to Raiders at home, 27-21

Raiders (6-4) - vs. Lions on Dec. 18 - beat Vikings on road, 27-21

Chargers (4-6) - at Lions on Dec. 24 - lost to Bears on road, 31-20