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VIDEO: Nickelback Fires Back At Thanksgiving Petition With Some Self-Deprecating Humor

The news about Nickelback being selected as the Thanksgiving game halftime act came out during the Detroit Lions' bye week. As a result, with no game to discuss, much of the discussion that week revolved around Nickelback and the criticism directed at the decision to have them play at halftime. In the aftermath of it, a petition was started, and it currently has more than 55,000 signatures.

Even though the petition made it pretty clear Lions fans don't want to listen to Nickelback on Thanksgiving, they were confirmed for halftime last week. On Tuesday, they responded to all of the hate being directed their way by being in a video on Funny or Die. Surprisingly, it's pretty funny, as Nickelback has a pretty good sense of humor about this whole situation. Check it out:

It will certainly be interesting to listen to the reception Nickelback gets on Thanksgiving. I have a feeling there will be a whole lot of boos.