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Fantasy Football Projections For Lions For Rest Of 2011

The Detroit Lions have several players that are key pieces of fantasy football teams. Guys like Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson have regularly put up big numbers this season, and other players like Jahvid Best, the defense/special teams and Titus Young have shown flashes of being serious fantasy football contributors.

Based on numbers from Yahoo! Sports, below is a look at what the expected output is for some Lions players the rest of the season.

QB Matthew Stafford - 156.40 points (average of 19.55 per game)

RB Jahvid Best - 81.14 (10.14)

WR Calvin Johnson - 122.05 (15.26)

WR Nate Burleson - 39.82 (4.98)

WR Titus Young - 33.50 (4.19)

TE Brandon Pettigrew - 48.00 (6.00)

TE Tony Scheffler - 30.10 (3.76)

Lions D/ST - 72.03 (9.00)

K Jason Hanson - 65.88 (8.24)