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What Are Your Bye Week Plans?

Just as Lions players have the week off and the coaches have the ability to relax for a bit for the first time since the start of training camp, fans also have the opportunity to sit back and not worry about a game this week. The Lions have the week off, giving everybody a chance to recharge their batteries for the second half of the season. For a change, it's looking like the second half of the season could be extended by at least a week (hopefully it'll be an extra month) if the Lions make the playoffs, so the break is welcomed by everybody.

With the Lions off this weekend, I am in Iowa City for the Michigan/Iowa game. Admittedly, I was going to this game regardless of what the NFL schedule looked like (I am going to all 12 Michigan games this season), but the Lions being off gave me added flexibility traveling-wise since there is no Lions game to worry about on Sunday.

When I do return home, I plan on sitting back, firing up NFL RedZone and enjoying a stress-free Sunday. What are your plans for the one week of the season without a Lions game? Are you going to simply sit back and enjoy the games, stay away from the TV altogether or perhaps spend some time scouting future opponents? Share your bye week plans in the comments.