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Detroit Lions Opponents Recap: Week 9

Week 9 went very well for the Detroit Lions' future opponents not in the AFC West. The Bears, Packers and Saints all won big games, and the Panthers and Vikings were able to regroup with the week off.

Things did not go so smoothly for the Raiders and Chargers. Oakland lost at home to the Fighting Tebows and San Diego lost a shootout with Green Bay. Philip Rivers struggled again, and the Chargers' recent slide has resulted in a three-way tie for first in the AFC West with the Raiders and Chiefs. Shockingly, the Broncos are only one game out despite having a 3-5 record.

Here's a full look at the Week 9 results for teams still on the Lions' schedule:

Bears (5-3) - vs. Lions on Nov. 13 - beat Eagles on road, 30-24

Panthers (2-6) - at Lions on Nov. 20 - BYE

Packers (8-0) - at Lions on Nov. 24; vs. Lions on Jan. 1 - beat Chargers on road, 45-38

Saints (6-3) - vs. Lions on Dec. 4 - beat Buccaneers at home, 27-16

Vikings (2-6) - at Lions on Dec. 11 - BYE

Raiders (4-4) - vs. Lions on Dec. 18 - lost to Broncos at home, 38-24

Chargers (4-4) - at Lions on Dec. 24 - lost to Packers at home, 45-38