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Pride Of Detroit Fantasy Football League Championship Set For This Week

The 2011 Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football League will have a champion crowned on Monday night after the Saints and Falcons wrap up Week 16. The championship game is set and matches up myself and lions_sucker. This is my third consecutive trip to the championship game in this league, and if I win, it will be my third consecutive championship. I'm not going to start printing up shirts or anything, but I may need to change my team name from "Better Than Mayhew" to "Dynasty" if I am once again victorious.

"Backus That Thang Up," which is lions_sucker's team, had the best record in the league during the regular season. He went 10-3, and nine of those victories came during a winning streak after a 1-2 start to the season (that one win was against me and had a score of 120.62-89.00). Interestingly enough, my team ended his winning streak in the final week of the regular season. I won by a score of 106.38-55.90. I think it's safe to say the championship game will be a bit closer.

For those interested, after the jump you can check out the standings from the regular season, the results from the first two weeks of the playoffs and a rundown of the rosters for the two teams in the championship game.

Standings (numbers represent overall seed; italics represent playoff teams)

Division 1

1. Backus That Thang Up (lions_sucker) - 10-3
3. Better Than Mayhew (Sean Yuille) - 8-5

7. Ndominators (sgdbw90) - 7-6
12. West Coast Cruizers (JCruize) - 3-10

Division 2

2. The Blue Suh Crew (DrewsLions) - 9-4
4. Logan's Shakehouse (Enforcer) - 8-5
5. LoJack Sack Pack (The Profiler) - 8-5

10. Detroit Lions (Latif Masud) - 5-8

Division 3

6. Epic Beardmen (Nate D.) - 6-7
8. Fairley Suh-perb (Hyperion Ecta) - 5-8
9. Delmas Demolition (CapitolLions) - 5-8
11. Motown Madmen (Jettero2112) - 4-9

Playoff Results


Byes: (1) Backus That Thang Up, (2) The Blue Suh Crew

(5) LoJack Sack Pack defeated (4) Logan's Shakehouse, 131.20-126.48

(3) Better Than Mayhew defeated (6) Epic Beardmen, 127.34-100.70

Fifth-Place Game

(4) Logan's Shakehouse defeated (6) Epic Beardmen, 91.20-67.78


(1) Backus That Thang Up defeated (5) LoJack Sack Pack, 105.42-66.36

(3) Better Than Mayhew defeated (2) The Blue Suh Crew, 94.06-91.50

3rd-Place Game

(2) The Blue Suh Crew vs. (5) LoJack Sack Pack


(1) Backus That Thang Up vs. (3) Better Than Mayhew


Current Starting Lineups

Better Than Mayhew

QB Tim Tebow
WR Marques Colston
WR Julio Jones
RB Ray Rice
RB Steven Jackson
TE Brent Celek
WR/RB Ryan Mathews
K Rob Bironas
D/ST Ravens

Backus That Thang Up

QB Josh Freeman
WR Miles Austin
WR Lance Moore
RB Frank Gore
RB Michael Bush
TE Jimmy Graham
WR/RB Adrian Peterson
K Dan Bailey
D/ST Bengals

Current Benches

Better Than Mayhew

QB Alex Smith
WR Victor Cruz
WR Laurent Robinson
WR Earl Bennett
TE Brandon Pettigrew
D/ST Bears

Backus That Thang Up

RB C.J. Spiller
WR Mike Williams (Bucs)
WR Deion Branch
WR Jabar Gaffney
WR Pierre Garcon
WR Jonathan Baldwin

To answer this question before it's asked, yes, my quarterback is Tim Tebow. I originally had Matt Schaub, but he went down right as Tebow was starting to heat up. I figured I might as well give him a shot and he has been my starter ever since (he actually put up 27.06 points last week). Also, yes, I have been pretty relaxed in terms of making a ton of changes to my roster, hence why guys like Alex Smith and Earl Bennett are still on the team. I got hot at the end of the regular season with four straight wins and haven't made many changes to my starting lineup, so I haven't had many reasons to make changes to my overall roster.

To lions_sucker, I say good luck. It should be a good matchup this week, and I'm hoping that when the games are finished I will be able to brag about a three-peat in the POD FFL. If not, then it was a good run.

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