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Lions Notes: More On Ndamukong Suh's Car Accident

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  • Jahvid Best has been cleared for physical activity (which in this case is a simple workout). This comes a week after he was put on IR, which was decided on after Best met with five specialists, who advised him to sit out the rest of the season.
  • If Jeff Backus starts on Sunday night, he will break Dick LeBeau's record for the most consecutive starts in Lions history.
  • Portland Police Bureau Sgt. Peter Simpson used the word stomped in describing Ndamukong Suh's car accident.
    "He wasn’t drunk and wasn’t driving crazy or anything. He wasn’t a jerk. I think he stomped on the gas when he was going around a taxi and lost the back end, spun around and hit a tree and a light pole and a (drinking) fountain."
    Pun intended, right?
  • An eyewitness to Suh's crash gave a recap of what happened, and this line stood out to me: "Suh watched too much 'Dukes of Hazzard' as a boy." Based on the pictures of the car, that seems like an accurate statement.
  • Suh and Calvin Johnson are still leading their positions in Pro Bowl voting. In fact, Johnson is still third overall in total votes (behind Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady). Matthew Stafford, Jeff Backus, Dominic Raiola and Chris Houston are in the top five for voting at their respective positions. Houston is actually second at cornerback behind Charles Woodson. (Via Dave Birkett)