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Ndamukong Suh's Account Of Car Accident Reportedly Disputed

For those who may have missed it over the weekend, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was involved in a car accident in Portland, Oregon, early Saturday morning. Suh, who is originally from Portland, returned home since his suspension doesn't allow him to be with the Lions, and he crashed his 1970 Chevy Coupe into a tree, water fountain and light pole.

Although the car accident looked pretty bad based on pictures of the crash, nobody was reported to be hurt in the immediate aftermath of it. That was based in part on Suh saying during his 911 call that "everybody's fine" and an ambulance wasn't needed. Passengers who were in the car when the accident happened have since disputed Suh's claim that everybody was fine. From KGW News:

The woman said she was injured in the crash and on Monday, she had a cut upper eyebrow which required stitches, a black eye and a busted lip. A second passenger backed up her claims but did not want to speak on camera. [...]

Yet, in the police report, the female passenger said she told Suh repeatedly she was hurt and needed a doctor. She said he refused and told her she was fine. She eventually walked down the street and had her husband pick her up and take her to Oregon Health and Science University for treatment.

Suh's claim that he lost control of his car while trying to pass a taxi has also been disputed by passengers in the car. One of them said that Suh "floored it" when the light turned green. Somebody who witnessed the crash backed up that version of the story, speculating that Suh was trying to "show off" before losing control of the car and crashing.

It's worth noting that even though the police report has been amended, no citations will be issued and no investigation is planned since it doesn't meet the department's "threshold" for a more in-depth look at what happened.

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