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Roger Goodell Is Coming To Town To Speak With Lions Fans

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is making a very interestingly timed visit to Detroit on Sunday to speak with Lions fans. The commish is set to attend the Lions-Vikings game at Ford Field, and prior to kickoff he is planning to meet with Lions season-ticket holders to answer any questions they may have. Here's more on the nature of the visit:

Goodell meets regularly with NFL fans and has during his tenure as commissioner. Earlier this year, he held a similar fan forum with Bills fans prior to their Oct. 9 game against the Eagles.

I think it's a safe bet that Ndamukong Suh and his suspension will be mentioned quite a bit during the Q&A session with Goodell. I can't imagine anything that's said will be all that interesting, but what other questions would you like to see asked? Here are some I quickly came up with:

  • Do you honestly think Nate Burleson was deserving of three offensive pass interference calls in one game?
  • Nickelback? Really? Was that necessary? (And if you are thinking ahead to the Super Bowl ... Madonna? Really?)
  • What is a catch? (I would especially love to hear Goodell's answer to this question considering there really is no definitive right answer based on the current NFL rulebook.)

Leave your questions for Goodell -- both serious and not so serious -- in the comments.

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