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Dominic Raiola Would Like The Lions To Grow The F--- Up

After Sunday's loss to the New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola was quite mad, to say the last. He was asked in the locker room following the game about the penalties and said that the Lions need to clean it up. In addition, he repeatedly emphasized that the Lions need to grow the f--- up.

Shortly after Raiola's rant happened, several Lions beat writers tweeted about it. They passed along the gist of what was said but not specific quotes given how many f-bombs Raiola dropped. Luckily, somebody from WIRX posted audio of the rant, and you can listen to it below.

Raiola is absolutely right. The Lions need to grow up and stop taking stupid penalties just because an opponent does something they don't like. It's clear by now that teams are setting out to goad the Lions into penalties, and the last two weeks that strategy has worked pretty well. Going forward the Lions need to learn to ignore whatever it is their opponents are doing and simply move on.

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