Richardson or Ball?

The top 2 running backs coming out this year is Alabama's JR. Trent Richardson and Heisman hopeful. Then there's Wisconsin's JR. Montee Ball who is also a Heisman hopeful. Now both of them have had great careers besides on their style of play 2 things set them apart. Trent has one national title and is playing for another one this year. Ball is one touchdown away (38) from tying Barry Sanders single season touchdown total record of 39. For whatever reason they are not counting the 5 TD's he got in his final game in the Hawaii bowl (or whatever it's called).

Now T. Richardson stats this yr. look like solid numbers: 263 carries 1583yds 20td's and 6.0ypc +27 carries 327yds 12.1ypc 3td's also let's not forget that he plays for the #2 Crimson Tide and is playing for his 2nd national title

Here's M. Ball's stats this yr. who's stats look stellar 275carries 1759yds 6.4ypc and 32td's +20 carries 255yds 12.8ypc and 6td's. He is playing for a Rose Bowl. The #10 Badgers(Big 10 champs) vs. the #5 Ducks(Pac 12 champs)

Now I bring this up simply cause no matter how deep in the playoffs we get, this is a need that must be addressed.. Ya I know 2 yrs. go we got Best but 2 concussions this year and 3 total (that I am aware of). This is a problem and you don't know what kind of career he is gonna have left. Then we got current rookie and on the IR LeShoure who went down with a torn Achilles. Which is a terrible injury as well but horrible for any RB. Then we got an aging Morris who is good for relief but he isn't the answer. Then there is the often injured and newly found K. Smooth in which I don't feel he is the answer either but still worth a roster spot.

So my questions is IF either one of these guys are there which one would you choose Ball or Richardson? Then which back do you cut?

My choice is Montee Ball and I would cut Morris...

I like the Idea of using Ball and LeShoure as the 1-2 punch mixing in a bit of K.Smooth and using Best like a D. Sproles or K. Faulk.. But hey that's just my crazy talk..

Time to here yours!

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