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Cleveland Browns Release Shaun Rogers

On Wednesday, the Cleveland Browns released defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, making him a free agent.

As expected, talk amongst Lions fans about possibly bringing him back to Detroit began immediately after the news broke. The thinking is that Rogers could add depth to the defensive tackle position here with the Lions. Although he has issues with staying healthy and is a rotational player at best, the Lions have some decent depth already, so why not sign him to be a situational guy?

I personally am against the move just because Rogers is not even close to being the same player he was in Detroit. He might still have potential, but his health issues and trouble with staying on the field for more than a couple plays at a time really drops down his value. Yes, the Browns are releasing him partly because they just didn't want to pay his $5.5 million contract next season (much like why Julian Peterson is expected to be released), but if he was the same player from a few years ago he would still be on Cleveland's roster.

Regardless of what you think about signing a guy like Rogers, this is a good time to clear up something with roster movement. The impression some had was that nobody could be signed right now, but that's not the case.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello advises that players with four or more years of service instantly become free agents upon being released.  For example, then, defensive lineman Shaun Rogers can be signed by another team between now and March 4.

Assuming a lockout happens on March 4, all business will come to a halt then. For now, guys like Rogers can be signed, but that will not be the case come March 4 unless a new CBA is in place.

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