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Today's Meeting Between NFL, NFLPA Canceled

The NFL and NFLPA met on Wednesday to talk about a new collective bargaining agreement. Plans were for another meeting to be held today, but the discussion was canceled after talks broke down yesterday. This kind of thing can happen in negotiating, but it's not a good sign with the current CBA set to expire on March 4.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, NFL owners were the ones that walked away from negotiations after the NFLPA proposed a 50/50 split in revenue. How to split the revenue is one of the most important parts of the CBA, so the fact that the two sides seem so far apart right now is not good. With more of a sense of urgency perhaps more progress will be made with the negotiations, but right now a lockout seems almost like a given considering the current CBA expires three weeks from tomorrow.

If a lockout does happen, the obvious question that comes along with it is how long it will last. Will the sense of urgency to limit the lockout speed up the negotiating process, or will that only happen with the prospect of missing actual games? I tend to believe it's the latter, because right now neither side seems all that ready to make something happen despite March 4 being right around the corner.

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